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Preparing the future of payments with SG Pay.

Discover SG Pay, a cutting-edge payment solution. Simplify transactions and enhance user experiences with a secure and seamless platform.
Temperature adjustment app

Software + Hardware Integration

Set up your SG Pay Point of Sale system with ease. The intuitive order and payment flow makes POS transactions a snap and let you effortlessly manage customers and your entire business.
Cashless payments showcase
Mobile payment system showcase

A new fully integrated cashless system

With many payment apps out there, the key goal was to establish how SG Pay was different and better. We set out to create an all powerful platform that would make paying a seamless journey for users.

Other Showcases

NextGEN Global Decarbonisation Initiative.

How we created an intuitive platform for the International Maritime Organisation & Maritime Port Authority of Singapore.
NextGEN showcase
SPK showcase

Blockchain & Artificial Intelligence.

How we curated historical cryptocurrency market data for a Crypto Trading AI platform, ensuring reliable insights for optimal trading strategies.
Suntec showcase

A beautifully crafted self-pick up service app.

Simplifying shoppers' lives through a custom application, bringing digital solutions to a premier retail destination in Singapore.
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