One X Group unveils the future of Enterprise Software Development.

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Our expertise and knowledge allow us to cater to a diverse range of industries, addressing their unique challenges and requirements.
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We leverage deep insights and global expertise to achieve outcomes that are most important to you. As your trusted advisor, we bring the full depth and breadth of our firm to focus on your unique needs and challenges.

Empowering finance firms with tailor-made enterprise software solutions to drive business success.

We combine technology and a delivery-focused culture to enable leaders across public sector organisations to turn ambition into action.

We help maritime product teams drive efficiencies, unlock new value, and create new business models.

Unlock the value in every dimension of your real estate with integrated, data-led services that support your overall product strategy.

Transform your financial services with bespoke software solutions to navigate complex capital market challenges.

Boosting banking with custom, secure, and efficient software solutions.

Propel your aerospace and defense operations to new heights with our industry-leading custom software solutions.

Leverage technology to deliver superior patient care and optimize medical operations with our custom healthcare software solutions.

Empowering life sciences organizations with custom software solutions that advance research, drive innovation, and enhance patient care.

Creating innovative, robust, and scalable software solutions and platforms that power your business.

Drive innovation and performance in your automotive business with our custom software solutions.

Developing custom software solutions that fuel the growth of the communications and media industry.

Building custom software solutions for the industrial sector.

Transforming the energy sector with cutting-edge technologies.

Tailored software solutions for the insurance industry, driving efficiency and innovation.

Creating bespoke software solutions for the retail industry, driving business growth and customer engagement.

Unlock the power of custom software solutions tailored for the utilities industry.

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