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Future-Proofing Your Business: Strategies for Long-Term Growth and Success

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The Hybrid Workforce: Balancing Flexibility and Productivity in the Post-Pandemic Era

In a world of generic platforms, One X Group empowers businesses to take full control of their digital ecosystem and unlock their true potential through custom software solutions.

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Enterprise Technology Consulting

From ideation to implementation, we specialize in crafting customized software solutions that empower businesses to drive innovation, optimize processes, and achieve their strategic objectives.

Unlock growth and success with One X Group's business advisory services.

Engage our engineering services for insights, innovation, and data-driven decisions.

Data services that drive growth. Gain insights, make informed decisions.

Elevate Your Business with Our Dedicated Technology Consulting Services

Enhancing enterprise performance through exceptional technology consulting: Explore our portfolio showcasing our dedication to delivering impactful custom software development that drive business success.

Preparing the future of payments with SG Pay.

Discover SG Pay, a cutting-edge payment solution. Simplify transactions and enhance user experiences with a secure and seamless platform.
Temperature adjustment app

NextGEN Global Decarbonisation Initiative.

How we created an intuitive platform for the International Maritime Organisation & Maritime Port Authority of Singapore.
NextGEN showcase
SPK showcase

Blockchain & Artificial Intelligence.

How we curated historical cryptocurrency market data for a Crypto Trading AI platform, ensuring reliable insights for optimal trading strategies.
Laser net over city

We Design & Develop Custom Software for Enterprises

Our team of consultants, designers and engineers live and breathe digital services to deliver best-in-class technological solutions targeted at enterprise growth and digitalization.
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