One X Group unveils the future of Enterprise Software Development.

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We are One X Group, the Growth Company.

We believe technology is the superpower that changes everything about business.

One X Group is a business technology partner, focused on building technological innovations for leading enterprises. We empower businesses with cutting-edge solutions by applying established and emerging technologies into their core business models.

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We are here to awaken the potential of a supercharged digital economy.

We deliver transformational outcomes for a demanding new digital world.
What we do

We Transform Businesses

We assist enterprise clients in their digital transformation by applying established and emerging technologies into their core business models.

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Design a new product

We create human-centred designs focused on driving conversions and achieving business goals.

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Launch a new company

Launch your MVP at start-up speed with an expert team of designers and developers.

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Scale up development

Our team works directly with you to boost your development speed and scale.

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Improve a current system

Identify areas for automation and improve efficiency so you can spend more time on what's important.

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We Design & Develop Custom Software for Enterprises

Our team of consultants, designers and engineers live and breathe digital services to deliver best-in-class technological solutions targeted at enterprise growth and digitalization.
Our Locations

Accelerating IT

One X Group is a global provider of business consulting services and IT solutions, enterprise application development and IT infrastructure services.


Thinkers & Tinkerers Coming Together

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We’ve assembled some of the brightest minds in business, technology and design. With our diversity of expertise, we’re able to deliver the highest quality software that our industry has seen.

Build the future with One X Group